Common Modeling Scams to Avoid

There are two sides to the modeling world, good and bad. The good side is that models are becoming smarter and educated. However, despite that fact, the bad side is there too. It thrives with modeling scams. In recent years, there is a remarkable increase in the number of crooks engaged in preying unsuspecting victims in the industry. It is just dumbfounding how crafty they have become in cooking up tricks to take advantage of people who are simply aspiring to become successful models.

These modeling scams have one thing in common. They know how to strike the best deal: an offer of a modeling career that can realize your dream of becoming a top model. Before you know it your money is gone and you are left with no career. To avoid this scenario it is important to be informed of the recurring strategies that these scams employed.

The Photo Mill

modelingThis is probably the most common modeling scam because it is easier to execute than the others. The agency sends a model to a photographer for a photo shoot. The photographer is actually their own staff to take expensive pictures and produce the model’s comp card. A comp card or composite card is the model’s business card and the model’s initial opportunity to impress a potential client.

Agencies engaged in this type of scam do not make bookings for models. They make money by selling the models’ pictures at a high price. They also make the models pay for as much as 500 pieces of comp cards per shoot. Normally, the ideal number is between 100 – 200 cards only because after a few months a model needs to update the comp card for new clients. Be wary of these companies that compel the model to go to a particular photographer for a shoot. It means that somebody is getting a percentage out of the transaction. Ask for a testing list because that is what legitimate agencies give out to models to make their own selection of good photographers listed.

The Fake Agency

Legitimate agencies officially conduct business from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon.

If you get a call inviting you to attend a “Talent Review,” be suspicious at once especially if the schedule is not within the official time. More so, if it is held in the evening or over the weekend. Take note that valid agencies never do business on weekends.

If you happen to be lured to come, observe the other attendees. Observe what kind of photographs are in their hands. Are they snapshots? How do they appeal to you? One strategy of these fake agencies is to pay people just to make you give certain information about you. Scan the wall for a license. Ask yourself if the photos on the wall look like cut outs from magazines. Eavesdrop in conversations. Are there actual bookings? Do you hear the phones ringing? Is the staff busy? Do you find the space too large? It may actually be a function room rented because these fake agencies do not have a permanent office at all.

Before giving in to such invitations, investigate a little. Search online to check out their legitimacy. Check their website. If there is the selling tone then it is not legit because real agencies simply allow their clients to view their talents. Ask co-models and talents if they had an previous encounters with the agency. If the answer is in the negative, it is not worth your time.

These are only two of the most common modeling scams that models have to avoid. There are much more out there in the modeling field. Be mindful and be alert once you meet any of these agencies. The important thing is you know them and their strategies, and they know you. You are one model who is not biting the bait.

How to Achieve Black and White Digital Photography

treesYou can achieve black and white digital photography in many different ways. With black and white digital photography, you are bringing the end user back into a period of time when life seemed a lot simpler. You can get this effect with your graphics and your digital camera with a multitude of ways. Many digital cameras come equipped with a function to take black and white photos. If your digital camera does not support this function, you can still change your photographs into black and white with software programs.

Make Your Work Look Its Best

You’ll want your black and white digital photography to look its best when you are finished. There is a technique that can help you get the best image out of your digital photograph. You do this through image manipulation, and you may find it better to convert your eight bit color images (which are usually jpegs) into 16 bit colors first. This is important because an 8-bit RGB can be the same as a 10-bit grayscale. This may sound like it doesn’t make sense, but it can really make the difference in how your final print is going to look for you.

You can find information all over on the Internet to help you with your black and white digital photography. These resources can be found in everything from websites to magazines. You should get a feel of the different ways you can manipulate your image, as you can do things like change all of your pictures to black and white, you just need to be able to convert them. Colored pictures can look truly beautiful as a black and white display. You will usually have to convert your graphics, because although there are options with digital cameras, there are no true black and white digital cameras.

Correct the Colorcasts

An important part of black and white digital photography is correcting the colorcasts. These are caused by bad lighting, but you can use software such as PhotoShop Elements to make the relevant changes by using their editing applications. The Imaging Factory is also software that can help you to easily convert and fix lighting areas in your graphics to get the best look with your black and white digital photography.  The use of software will make your project a lot easier to follow so you only need to know what the basic principles are.

If you want to turn your graphics into black and white digital photography, you can step into a completely new dimension in photography. You can do an endless array of projects right from your own computer.

Benefits of Underwater Camera Bags

Swimming at Luquillo Puerto RicoWaterproof cameras are the in thing currently. It brings much more excitement and fun since you can carry the camera in wet places and even on the beach.

On a recent trip to Puerto Rico, I took along a underwater bag for my Iphone that worked great.

There are water resistant cameras that can be used underwater. So what is the best accessory for this? You guessed it… underwater camera bags! Some people buy two camera bags and change wherever they go. But there are bags that can be used wherever you are, even underwater!

Many people love to go out and have fun outside the house. They also carry with them their cameras in order to capture moments of their outdoor trip. Since many of them get into wet environments, what they use are underwater camera bags. This will help avoid getting your camera damaged due to wetness or water seeping through the bag.

For photographers that are constantly getting into damp and wet places just to take that valuable shot, underwater camera bags come in very handy for such situations. Underwater camera bags virtually cannot be penetrated by water. There are small underwater camera bags that fit only one camera looking like a pouch bag. Underwater camera bags are practical since you no longer have to buy a new waterproof camera.

There are also underwater camera bags that are only fit for specific camera type or brand. If you are a mountaineer or a scuba diver, or simply just a photographer who loves to carry around his/her camera to take pictures of their adventures and the memorable places you have been to, underwater camera bags is the best option for you. It is both for safety and practical reasons.

Beginners Digital Photography Equipment Guide

When you first start with digital photography make sure  you have the right equipment you’ll need before you begin. Having the proper equipment is a must if you want to make it successfully whether you are a beginner or a professional.

digital cameraIf you become a professional with your digital photography then you should be prepared to spend much more on equipment than just someone wanting to do this as a hobby. Depending on what you want to do with your photography is all up to you as to how much equipment you’re going to be looking into purchasing.  A professional career in digital photography may not be what you’re looking to do if you don’t have the money for the kinds of things that you will have to have.

So, if you are just wanting to enjoy digital photography as a hobby then I should be able to help you out in letting you know what you might need for your digital camera, accessories and all.

For your first digital camera the main thing is to not spend too much on it. There is no need in purchasing an expensive digital camera until later on down the road when you become much more experienced with it. With some digital cameras you may be able to even use them as a manual camera. You will just have to figure out how to adjust all of it’s settings. You can purchase a book for dummies on digital photography too, those are always handy to have around. They have them for nearly everything you need to know. Also,  keep in mind that having the proper software for your digital camera is very important, it will help you organize all of the images you have created.

Buy the camera that you feel best suits your needs and remember you only need a basic one for beginners. They will come with all of the features you will need just to get started and with this camera you will still be able to take really great photographs.

You will want to purchase a bag or case to keep your digital camera safe and all or any accessories that you may have purchased as well while on the go.

Spending more does not always mean that you’re purchasing the better product. If there is not a photographic equipment store in your city then you can just get online and look up anything you might be interested in purchasing. You will be able to find some really great deals on the internet if you’re wanting to save a little cash, who doesn’t want to do that? Or just ask around, you may have a friend that can help you out with your first time purchasing needs. If there is a local store you can go in to purchase a digital camera and there will be someone in there that can help you with any questions you may have about the product.

Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Digital Camera

sony-cameraDigital cameras come in many sizes, colors, brands, zooms, resolutions, playbacks, etc. There are so many features and qualities that are being placed in the devices that buyers especially first timers become overwhelmed and dizzy with these outstanding arrays of gadgets. This is even without including the various advertisements and different ratings that are used to promote these products.

So what are the things to look for if you want to buy digital camera? To be able to answer these, there are 2 sets of information you have to know before you can decide. The first type of information is defining what YOU need and want in a digital camera. To do this, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do you want to take with your digital camera? Before you buy digital camera, it is important to determine what kind of pictures you want to take with it. If you are a digital photography enthusiast, any digital camera will not just do. You have to look for features that can support the zooming you need, the resolution, etc.
  2. How much is your budget? This is a very important question any person who intends to buy digital camera should ask. Because no matter what your needs and wants are for the device, your financial resource will play a huge part in dictating the type of digital camera you will buy.
  3. What are your resources? When you buy digital camera, sometimes the spending does not end there. You also have to consider the capacity and the power of the computer and the printer you will be hooking your camera with for your editing and printing needs. Editing software are already included when you buy digital camera but other devices aren’t. Aside from a printer, ink and paper for printing, you might also need additional memory cards for your camera and a more powerful computer to support image editing and image storage and retrieval.

After answering these 3 questions, the second set of information you need to know before you buy digital camera are the features that you need in the device. These are:

  1. Resolution. Before you buy digital camera, check first its capacity to produce high quality photo images. The number of pixels indicated determines resolution. The more number of pixels, the higher the resolution which can make photos to be enlarged without losing image quality.
  2. Built-in memory. Digital cameras need memory cards for picture storage. When you buy digital camera, make sure that the gadget that you buy does not only have a “built-in” memory but should also have a card slot for external and additional memory. This allows you to change full memory cards conveniently while shooting your pictures.
  3. Look and feel. It is essential for you to feel comfortable holding your digital camera while shooting. So, before you buy digital camera, it good to test and check if you are comfortable holding it and using it. Consider where the buttons are located and how they are spaced out and see also if you feel comfortable using the viewfinder.
  4. Battery life. Digital cameras use up batteries fast and batteries are expensive. Before you buy digital camera, consider if the camera’s batteries are rechargeable. This way you can recharge them. Take also into consideration an AC adapter when you buy digital camera. You can attach this to the camera when you are viewing your pictures or uploading them
  5. LCD. The LCD is a special consideration you have to look into when you buy a digital camera. This is a small screen located at the back of a digital camera that allows you to preview the pictures you took. This has to be considered when you buy digital camera because it uses up a lot of battery power.
  6. Special features. Special features that will suit your needs should be thought about, too before you buy digital camera. If you want your camera to have good zooming, you can opt for those with optical zoom lenses. A diopter adjustment on the digital camera’s viewfinder will also be beneficial to those who regularly wear glasses and wish to buy digital camera. Other features such as remote control, tripods, etc. can also be considered when you buy a digital camera.

With these information, you can now figure out what you really need and want before you buy digital camera. If you want to see ratings and rankings of these devices based on price, resolution or other features, check out various websites that have these in the Internet.

Digital Spy Cameras – A Blessing Or A Curse?

Digital cameraThe digital spy camera is not new to us in this age of sting operations carried out by the media. But that is not the only positive point about the digital spy camera. To know where else its demand lies – read on.

Reasons For Its Growth In Popularity

The main reason for the growth in popularity of the digital spy cameras is the decrease in demand of large and bulky cameras. These are cumbersome and no longer desirable by the image conscious customer. Since the analog cameras are not considered as user friendly as they used to be the digital camera has taken over. This accounts for the rapid growth in the demand for digital spy cameras.

Features To Look For While Buying The Spy Camera

The main features to look for while buying a digital spy camera is its image quality, its sensibility to low light, its transmission frequency, its battery life, digital zoom possibilities and the screen.

Image Quality

The determinant of image quality is the resolution of the camera. The higher the resolution better will be the quality of the image in the digital zoom camera. This aspect should be pre determined while buying such a digital spy camera.

Sensibility To Light

Since digital spy cameras are meant to be used mostly as hidden cameras it is important to see that they can function even under dismal light conditions. They are mostly used discreetly and need to provide clarity in those conditions as well.

Battery Life

Like most cameras, digital spy cameras can be very battery consuming, especially if they are equipped with a LCD screen. Since they are used mostly for the purpose of discretion it is important that the battery last longer and provide more time to film.


Since these cameras cannot be handled at length under scrutiny, they need to have zooming properties that will stand them in good stead even under trying sessions. It is always better to have a digital spy camera with optical zoom as opposed to digital zoom.

Earlier Experience

While buying such a camera the customer’s earlier experiences will come into account and prove to be crucial as a part of his demand. A person will decide from his past exposure to the digital spy camera whether he wants one with a LCD screen or one with recording capabilities. This is the most important determinant in the purchase of the digital spy camera, since there are thousand such cameras in the market.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler
Photo by Angela George at

Adam Richard Sandler was born September 9, 1966. He is well known for his comedy but he is also a writer, producer, and musician. Some of his best known films include Billy Madison in 1995 and the Wedding Singer from 1998. He has acted with some of the best comedians including David Spade in Grown Ups 1 and 2.

He grew up in New York and his mother was a nurse while his dad was an electrical engineer. Humor helped him to get through school and through difficult situations in his life. When he was in college, he would perform stand-up comedy in various clubs. He graduated from New York University Tisch School of the Arts in 1988. Ironically, several of his instructors told him in college he would never succeed as a comedian or in acting.

One of Sandler’s early acting performances was on the Cosby Show as a friend of Theo’s. He was considered for the role of Wonka in the remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. However, Johnny Depp was given the part. He enjoys singing, and did so at his sister’s wedding when he was only 12.

He is a huge hit with not only adults but also with kids and teenagers. He has won many awards including MTV, People’s Choice, Kids’ Choice, and Nickelodeon awards. He enjoys interacting with the kids, and often donates time and money to various causes that support them. He loves baseball and is a huge fan of the New York Yankees.

Sandler has his own production company called Happy Madison after two of his best hit movies. Rob Schneider is one of his oldest friends, back from the days when they were both on Saturday Night Live. They have done 10 films together since that time. The first animated film Sandler was a part of was Eight Crazy Nights. He actually was the voice of four characters.

Over the years, Adam Sandler has had no shortage of movies. However, some of them have done exceptional well and others have been major box office flops. In 2011, his film Jack and Jill won every award – for the Golden Raspberry Awards which is for the worst movies of the year.

In 2014, Netflix announced a four-movie deal with Adam Sandler and Happy Madison Productions. His major comedy influences include Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield. At one point, he dated actress Alicia Silverstone. He has been married to Jacqueline Titone since 2003. The couple have two daughters.

A Brief Overview On Disposable Digital Cameras

Disposable CameraDisposable digital cameras are, as their name suggests, digital cameras which could be disposed after use.

Disposable digital cameras are available at stores for a choice of $10 or higher for the ones without LCD screen and $20 or more for the ones with LCD screens. After taking a picture, you need not worry about winding the camera, unlike the film disposable cameras. In case the picture is unsatisfactory, it could be deleted. Once done, take them to the processing center, where you will get your prints and a CD which could be downloaded onto online albums, if required. The camera will be kept by the store for re-cycling or will be re-used.

The entire procedure does not involve transferring images to the computer and deleting from the camera etc. It is almost like renting a camera for a short while and returning it once the picture is taken.

Benefits Of Disposable Digital Cameras

They are the easy to use, and don’t require you to take up a photography course to learn to use.  For those of you who are not yet ready to invest in a digital camera of your own, disposable digital cameras come as an easy alternative. These will help in giving you a general idea of what a real digital camera is like. These are also a good option if you are going on vacation, as you need not keep worrying about the camera getting lost or broken. The disposable cameras with LCD screens permit the user to see the picture immediately, and the last photo taken could be deleted. Also no hassles about the requirements of any added devices or wire for downloading photographs. Last, but not the least, these cameras could be completely re-used or re-cycled.

However, just as with anything else, a small disadvantage of disposable digital cameras is that as the photos need to be given to a processing center for processing and printing, you do not have the option of making any major changes to them.  Of course, the CD will always remain with you to download and make the required changes. Also, whether the photo quality will be as high as regular digital camera, would be something one would have to wait and watch out for.

Anyway, the ultimate decision of whether or not to use a disposable digital camera is left to the user. But it is definitely worth a try before actually investing on a regular digital camera.

Common Camera Accessories

Cameras today have so many different kinds of accessories. accessoriesSome camera accessories are more common than the others. The accessories prices depend sometimes on the brand name and their function. Some camera accessories are also made from low grade or high grade materials. The ones from high grade materials are typically the more expensive ones while those from lower grade materials are cheaper and more common.

Camera buffs tend to go overboard with their choices of camera accessories. Some accessories are very specific and have just a single function but they are really very useful to have.

Common Camera Accessories

camera lensThe most common digital camera accessories that buyers can find in the market are the lenses. These come in several focal lengths. These focal lengths are the basis that camera enthusiasts use to shoot at a certain distance or a certain angle. The ranges are usually 21 mm and below and up to 300 + mm.  21 and below mm can shoot at a very wide angle whereas the 300 + can shoot objects at very close range.

Flashes are also camera accessories that are essential for indoor and dark photo shoots. These devices are used to momentarily emit a surge of light, enough to illuminate the dark area being photographed. Most cameras come with an electronic flash that suffices for most indoor pictures but in some cases, the flash that comes with the camera is not enough. Some cameras are equipped for additional flashes that can be bought after market.

More camera accessories are the devices that cameras use to store the pictures that are taken. There are several kinds of storage devices and these include compact flash disks, memory cards/ sticks etc. These are used to store the pictures taken by digital cameras. What people usually do with these are to either directly connect the digital camera to the PC without taking out the storage device or to take out the storage device and plug it into the PC. You need to have a card reader to be able to do this and most PC’s already have this installed in them.

Camera accessories also include tripods. These are necessary for a steady shot or a shot where the photographer wants to be included in the shot. Most of the time, a tripod can usually be extended to be as tall as an average person. Other tripods are small and can be mounted on a table or even wrapped around a tree trunk.

Benefits of National Geographic Camera Bags

Have you seen a photo from National Geographic?
Looking at them gives you an impression that photographers at National Geographic have great camera equipment. They take photos of places that no other photographer dare go to. This also means they use a nifty camera bag. This is due to the fact that they use National Geographic camera bags.

While National Geographic camera bags are for national Geographic journalists who carry all their camera equipment everywhere, National Geographic camera bags are now made available to any serious photographer.

National Geographic camera bags have securely padded pockets that come in abundance in each bag. This preserves the lenses quality. You know as a photographer that lenses should always be in tip top shape.

The thing about National Geographic camera bags is that they were created with top notch quality in mind. National Geographic is serious about providing serious photographers with camera bags that will suit their needs.

You can bring along the National Geographic camera bag wherever you need to go. National Geographic camera bags were made to withstand anything the environment and the weather can throw at them. In addition to that, these bags have plenty of room not only for the extra parts of the camera but also for other items. You can also put in MP3 players, mobile phones, and stuff you bring along on your travels.

If you are a budding photojournalist, a professional photographer, or a traveler who just wants to bring along his/her handy camera to take location shots, then the National Geographic camera bag is what you need.