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Underwater Digital Cameras Capture Oceanic Beauty

Underwater Digital Cameras are designed to capture the beautiful ocean life and could be used both underwater and above water. A few reputed companies in the field include Olympus, Nikon, Kodak, Canon and Sony.

Film Underwater Cameras Vs. Underwater Digital Cameras

Underwater digital cameras are a better option than film cameras for several reasons.

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  • There is no risk of running out of film.
  • The underwater digital cameras have the option of deleting bad shots, changing resolutions and taking additional shots.
  • For wide-angle photography under dim light conditions, digital cameras are a better bet, as film cameras produce fuzzy backgrounds.
  • The quality of pictures in high resolution is appreciable, and images are really sharp.
  • While using a strobe, film cameras are limited to the extent of providing shutter speeds in the range of 1/60th to 1/250th of a second, whereas the underwater digital cameras have no mechanical shutters and could be easily used for speeds of 1/800th of a second.

Other Advantages Of Underwater Digital Cameras

Underwater digital cameras are light weight, compact and hence best suited for travel. They are equipped to capture images four times the depth of field. The built-in lens of underwater digital cameras provides a larger zoom range with minimum focus ability of less than eight inches. An underwater digital camera, typically, allows a 100 degree wide-angle shot to zoom to 1:3 macro shot without any change of lenses, if you have a quality aspheric housing port.

For those of you who need to transfer the files in the digital camera to slides, and feel it is an expensive procedure, you could directly plug them to the television for an image display or the digital projectors for excellent images, and these could be accompanied by professional presentations and audio tracks.

The best advantage digital cameras are those that are best suited for those looking for instant results. Shooters who look for 11 in x 14 in prints or quick web posts are likely to be thrilled with the results of the digital camera. Underwater digital cameras are probably the best solution for all new shooters who are comfortable with computers. The instant feedback received while using an underwater digital camera, makes ocean life photography all the more interesting

Canon Digital Cameras Chosen by Professionals

CanonCanon Digital Cameras have long been well-known for their excellence in quality and features. After years of optics technology and refining, Canon now has a superb line of digital cameras for professionals and amateurs alike. It offers both, the affordable ‘point and shoot’ models and also sophisticated models of digital SLR cameras to meet professional standards.


1934kwanonIn 1933, three Japanese men worked in a single room under the name ‘Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory’ which, years later became known as ‘Kwanon’, named after a phantom prototype camera. During those days, the German cameras were more reputable in the market and widely used by professionals, but they were very expensive. Hence, Goro Yoshida with two others got together, and produced a 35mm range finder camera at a much more economical price, which came to be known as “Kwanon”. Later, the company tied up with Nippon Kogaku Kogyo, the founder of Nikon, to acquire lenses from them. Soon, the first commercial camera of Canon known as “Hansa Canon” reached the market in 1936, and was an instant hit. Thereafter, the company adopted “Canon” as its official name, and the camera with the name Canon finally came into existence on 15th September, 1947.

Types Of Canon Digital Cameras

Canon Ultra Compacts – Canon offers these tiny pocket-sized cameras that comprises of optical zooms, with 3 to 5 plus megapixels and additional features. Various models such as PowerShot S410, SD300, SD200, SD500 and SD400 cameras are rated well among consumers.

Compact Digital Cameras – Though a little larger than the ultra-compacts, they are still compact enough to fit into a purse or big pocket. The quality and features are as good as other Canon styles, but has the added advantage of being more economical. A520, S60, A510, A400 an S70 models are highly rated in this category.

Mid-Sized Enthusiast Category – These have additional features such as high-powered zooms, exposure control and advanced metering, and is more economically feasible in comparison to Canon’s professional digital SLR camera. PowerShot G6, S70, S2 IS, Pro1 are much in demand by consumers.

Canon Digital SLR Camera – These fit the bill of professional grade cameras, with features such as TTL viewing and metering, interchangeable lenses, and unlimited creative control. The EOS 20D, EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT, EOS 300D Digital Rebel, EOS-1DS Mark II Pro are rated well among consumers.

Today, there are several models of Canon digital cameras in the market. With further progress, Canon continues to provide consumers with advanced technologies at the lowest possible prices. Canon has been a favorite for many years now, in the field of photography, and with its wide array of products, Canon has positioned itself firmly in the consumer market.