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Adam Sandler
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Adam Richard Sandler was born September 9, 1966. He is well known for his comedy but he is also a writer, producer, and musician. Some of his best known films include Billy Madison in 1995 and the Wedding Singer from 1998. He has acted with some of the best comedians including David Spade in Grown Ups 1 and 2.

He grew up in New York and his mother was a nurse while his dad was an electrical engineer. Humor helped him to get through school and through difficult situations in his life. When he was in college, he would perform stand-up comedy in various clubs. He graduated from New York University Tisch School of the Arts in 1988. Ironically, several of his instructors told him in college he would never succeed as a comedian or in acting.

One of Sandler’s early acting performances was on the Cosby Show as a friend of Theo’s. He was considered for the role of Wonka in the remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. However, Johnny Depp was given the part. He enjoys singing, and did so at his sister’s wedding when he was only 12.

He is a huge hit with not only adults but also with kids and teenagers. He has won many awards including MTV, People’s Choice, Kids’ Choice, and Nickelodeon awards. He enjoys interacting with the kids, and often donates time and money to various causes that support them. He loves baseball and is a huge fan of the New York Yankees.

Sandler has his own production company called Happy Madison after two of his best hit movies. Rob Schneider is one of his oldest friends, back from the days when they were both on Saturday Night Live. They have done 10 films together since that time. The first animated film Sandler was a part of was Eight Crazy Nights. He actually was the voice of four characters.

Over the years, Adam Sandler has had no shortage of movies. However, some of them have done exceptional well and others have been major box office flops. In 2011, his film Jack and Jill won every award – for the Golden Raspberry Awards which is for the worst movies of the year.

In 2014, Netflix announced a four-movie deal with Adam Sandler and Happy Madison Productions. His major comedy influences include Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield. At one point, he dated actress Alicia Silverstone. He has been married to Jacqueline Titone since 2003. The couple have two daughters.

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