Digital Camera – A Brief Introduction

conventional cameraMany happy memories and auspicious occasions get immortalized through photographs and hence they are much treasured by one and all. Though cameras have been used since long, conventional cameras have the draw-back of having to be replaced with a new film, once the roll runs out. This could pose a problem, especially to people on the move.  Hence the Digital Camera has emerged as the best feasible solution for all.


A Digital Camera  can be described as an electronic device that helps in capturing and storing photographs electronically, rather than doing so with the help of a photographic film as in the case of conventional cameras.

The digital sensor captures the light and the LCD located on the back of the digital camera acts as a screen guide adjusting the settings prior to shooting and in reviewing the results. Today’s digital cameras are multi-functional with additional capabilities such as recording sound and/or video.


Though digital cameras seem like a recent introduction, the first digital camera had reached the U.S. market about fifteen years ago, and had been released by Kodak. The DCS-100 had 1.3 megapixels (a million pixels), the graphical resolution required by the digital cameras for data display. Fifteen years since, technological advancement has increased the number of megapixels even for entry-level digital cameras. But the prices of digital cameras are now far more reasonable.


The biggest advantage of a digital camera is that, unlike conventional cameras, the storage media could be re-used over and over again without any additional cost. Also, any unwanted pictures could be deleted immediately and more photographs could be taken. The process of making photos is quick and inexpensive due to the fact that there is no film processing required for obtaining prints.

A Digital Camera could be used for taking photographs that could be displayed on the internet, or could be sent as an email, or by uploading to online galleries such as Flicker or Facebook. High quality images could be obtained in a digital camera, when compared to a conventional camera. A digital camera has high storage capability, and helps users to view photos on a number of outlets such as web pages, computer monitor, or even on a paper after developing them on printers. Even DVD players, cell phones, television sets and entertainment gaming systems have the capability to read and display the digital images.

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