Features Of Digital Cameras – A Dream Come True!

digital cameraDigital cameras have opened up a whole new horizon in terms of photography. Nowadays there is no need to keep investing in rolls of film and neither is there any need to keep running up and down to the developer for the prints. There are tonnes of features digital cameras offer and here are a few important features that can make your experience better.

The Resolution

This is a feature of a digital camera that is a benchmark for measuring quality. The unit of measurement is pixels and mega pixels and it can make or break a picture. This is essentially the millions of tiny dots that go into making a picture. The more the number of these dots the better will be the picture quality. Thus a digital camera that has greater resolution obviously produces better pictures.

The Storage Space

This feature of a digital camera comes in handy when you are traveling and taking many pictures. Most mid-priced cameras do not have a great storage capacity. However, this hindrance can be expanded by using the memory card. This card which is used in various computer related devices is popped into the camera and increases the storage capacity. They range from 64MB to 2GB and larger.

The Batteries Used

This is another indispensable feature of a digital camera. There are many varieties of batteries that a camera can use and these ranges from the alkaline AA size ones to the more expensive proprietary batteries. More batteries are consumed on using the LCD screen of a digital camera.

The Additional Features

These features in the digital camera involve the features used to modify images. How the color and brightness can be adjusted and the pixelization of images when enlarged is achieved, is important. These are the features that go into making a good picture. It is very important also to see the category of zoom delivered. Remember always –optical zoom scores over digital zoom.


Features of a digital camera will vary with the prices on offer. The digital camera with a night vision will cost more than that which has no such quality. But while going in for a mid priced digital camera it is best to look at the whole package. You must see whether the USB cable and charger are counted in their price and only then should you compare prices.

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