The Wireless Digital Camera – No Strings Attached

With the advent of the wireless digital camera, it seems that miracles never cease to happen. There are numerous advantages of using such a digital camera.  A few of the many benefits of a wireless digital have been enumerated below.

The Conveniences

The wireless digital camera is an out of the world experience for gizmo lovers. These cameras use wireless media which allows a user to download pictures and other digital media content directly to the computer at speeds of 480Mbps or more. This is done by using wi-media based Ultra wideband technology or UWB. This is up to 90 times faster than wi-fi enabled cameras. This technology will also be available in the mobile phones which have the next generation blue tooth. This will facilitate the sharing of pictures and media articles directly from the phone.

The Advantages Of UWB

The CEO of Artimi, Colin Macnab has said that customers will not have to plug in and wait for even 10 minutes to download their material from the digital cameras. These next generation cameras will allow customers to share their photos more easily than ever before. In this way Artimi provides customers with ultra simple solutions that is a must need for portable devices such as the wireless digital camera .


There are various uses of the Artimis semiconductor and software. They have been used in the market to form the leading digital camera in the still section. Their software is also compatible with various other portable devices other than the digital camera that are available in the market. They allow maximum flexibility in their design and pave the way for manufacturers to design more consumer friendly and easy to use products.


In comparison to the phone cameras the Artimis products score much better. Their image quality is different depending on variables between 34kb (for low quality pictures settings) and 700 Kb (for better quality picture settings). They are also capable of recording movies of a silent nature. There is a built in flash and the Eye Q go version is also equipped with three white balance options as well as automatic settings.

All in all, the wireless digital camera is a better experience than a phone camera and compares favorably to the standard digital camera as well. It is a user friendly experience and can be very satisfying for people who look for speed in their work.

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