I’ve been fascinated with photos shot from a drone ever since seeing my first photo shot from that platform.  As someone who looks at the world from a “photographic” point of view, the images shot from that high overhead angle really did capture the world in a way that I and most other people have never seen before.  How exciting it was to have this new perspective of showing my world to others.

aerial view of forest

While some may only see drones as a child’s toy (and most kids do love their drone toys), I’d have to admit drones certainly are a gown-up toy…(what’s the saying… “The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.”)

Yet, today’s drones have developed into much more than that. I like to think of them as another camera accessory in my gadget bag… like a wide angle lens, polarizing filter, or tripod.

I think “lens” would be my choice of accessories because like my other lenses, each gives a unique perspective from which to see the world.  Unlike your camera attached to your tripod, a drone is an aerial platform with a camera and lens attached to it.

Digital Revolution

I believe besides digital cameras, consumer and pro quality drones are one of the more exciting developments in the world of photography in recent years. As more drones are being used, the price of the technology has also been rapidly dropping.  What once required an outlay of thousands of dollars can now been acquired for less than a thousand.

Drones are being used for commercial needs, personal needs, and even by the military and police.

Not everyone is a fan of drones though, and they do worry about them. They feel that their safety and their privacy may be compromised by them. We will cover that in another post. While there are some risks in place, the benefits of drones far outweigh the risk of someone using them for their own personal gain.

The more affordable price point and increasing quality of drones built today have me motivated to consider them myself and I put this website together to help educate myself… and perhaps you.

I have added a new category of articles for this blog exploring the world of drones and reviewing different drones for the entry level, intermediate, and advanced user.

Make no mistake about it, photography using camera drones does not just magically happen.  Like any photographic technique, it takes skill and creativity to make that image “pop”.

Drones are dramatically different than screwing on a polarizer to your lens.  It’s going to take a bit of a learning curve before you master it and begin using it effectively.  But, it’s worth the effort to expand your photographic horizons.

Heck, you gotta learn to fly that thing! 

Most experienced drone pilots will tell you, you’re going to crash sometimes and might even lose your drone stuck up a tree or your drone comes down unexpectedly in some remote location.  Therefore, it’s probably wise to start learning to fly with an inexpensive unit before investing into a more sophisticated system.

If you’d like to join me in this exploration of drone photography, please jump right in with some of my posted articles… and please leave your comments or questions.