Finding the Right Fit through Model Casting

fashion modelYou see them everywhere, on billboards and on runways. These live mannequins are used to make our heads turn, or linger in the pages of magazines, and entice us to buy. These men and women go through model casting to land jobs as talents for print ads and fashion shows. They are handpicked to be the perfect representation of the brand to make it more appealing to the consumers. It really takes more than just a pretty face.

The Look

Model casting is the process where a brand or a designer chooses talents to represent their vision properly. The models that land in print and walk the runways are specifically chosen for the job. These models are part of an equation for an ad campaign to be effective, which is why model casting is necessary.

Different brands have different looks. They say, “Sex sells.” In reality, it is not about all that anymore as more brands are recognizing their identity. They are able to determine their market through demographics. The look is extremely important as this makes it easier for the target market to associate to the clothes or to the products. Making them see someone that they can relate with is an effective advertising strategy. Models are not just mannequins that are made to look generic to make the product stand out – they become the brand.

The Attitude

Attitude, we hear this all the time.  Models are to evoke a certain character on camera in order to personify what the clients want their brand model to be. It is important for the models to have their own unique appeal and personality. This spells a lot of difference. Their personality and their presence book many models.


Models that are booked for print and other campaigns go to go-sees. For print ads, commercials, and videos, casting agencies normally request for go-sees. For runways, designers specifically choose the models that would be wearing their collection. For go-sees that demand a specific look, it is announced in advance, as to which type of models they are looking for. This often indicates height requirements, hair or eye color, and other specifications. This is often dependent on the client’s demands.

During a go-see, models are asked to prepare a portfolio. Having great range in pictures shows a model’s versatility. This also gives them an idea of what else a model can do apart from what they see in person. For videos, models are tested in front of the camera and are given lines for them to say or practice. This also serves to check how they register on camera including the quality of their voice. For runways, models are chosen for their looks. They are also asked to try on clothes and walk for the designers. Trying on clothes would let the client know if the model fits the specific body type that they are looking for. The walk determines how they can wear the clothes as they walk down the runway during the fashion show.

Models have different looks. They also know which type of model stereotype they fit it. There are those who fit better for commercial campaigns. There are those who are more suitable for avant-garde looks. Some are more indie or edgy which generally appeals to the brands that caters to teens. Knowing one’s assets helps in getting their career forward. There are models that are booked for their walk. Some models are known for taking great beauty shots, which works for makeup campaigns. Knowing one’s strengths as a model makes it easier for them to get book during a model casting.

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