Print Modeling Basics: Things to Keep in Mind

Out of all the modeling jobs, print modeling has to be one of the most famous types. Aside from the fact that it includes magazines and fashion spreads, it also includes billboards and online posts.

print modeling

Although there has been an increase in the demand of print models, it does not necessarily mean that booking a print modeling job has become easier. If there’s one thing, it became tougher since designers and organizers had to amp up their taste and requirement. However, here is some print modeling tips worth remembering.

Print modeling is all about having the ability to paint a thousand words with one picture. Even if the picture or the spread is meant to endorse a product or any other commercial purposes, it does not mean that a print model just has to look pretty in them. It must have some sort of depth. One thing that can help print models keep this in mind is the fact that a lot of people are going to be looking in their pictures and one of those people might be designers that are looking for the right models.

Print modeling not just about smiling at the camera. Each picture should be able to tell a story through the model\s poses and facial expressions. This is why contrary to popular belief, print modeling is nor really a shallow modeling job. It requires more than just hard work. It requires determination and lots of focus.

Print models have to remember that every film counts. Every shot could be the shot that makes it to the spread which is why they have to give their all in every pose. However, they should always remember to take directions. They should follow the art director and the photographer. If the photographer is saying one thing and the director is saying another, it is the print model’s job to fuse them together and make sure that they incorporate these directions into every pose.

Print models should not just rely on other people’s directions either. Print modeling most of the time is ninety percent adlib.

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