Modeling Basics that Can Help You Start Modeling

modelingThere is no doubt that the modeling industry is a very difficult industry to break into.  Aside from the stiff competition between the young models and those that are not new to the modeling world, it is also very tough it make a name for yourself.  However, all successful people have humble beginnings. There are a lot of ways that you can start your modeling career and here are some of them.

Before you can start modeling, you got to have a portfolio.  A portfolio is a collection of your pictures that are taken by a professional photographer. These pictures can come from your past modeling jobs. Make sure that the photos are versatile.  Even if commercial modeling is your strong point, if you have a very elegant editorial picture, put it in there.

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Classification Of Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras are broadly classified into two primary categories : Point and Shoot digital cameras; and digital SLRs.

Point And Shoot Digital Cameras

canons230The Point and Shoot cameras have fixed-lens and are the most popular digital cameras for the average user. All major companies such as Nikon, Olympus, Fuji, Kodak, Canon and Sony make plenty of models of the point and shoot digital cameras. On the basis of looks, the point and shoot cameras could be categorized as “Box DigCams” and “Mini-SLRs”. The Box DigCams appear boxy, fold up well and can fit into a purse or a pocket. The Mini-SLRs are larger and tend to resemble a digital SLR. Though features are the same, the Mini-SLRs could prove to be slightly high in price, due to more features and a better optical zoom.

Semi Professional Digital Cameras

d600lspThese are advanced versions of the point and shoot cameras. These cameras have 5 to 6 megapixels of resolution and provide the user with greater control and additional settings in the camera. These cameras produce image qualities that are good for clear prints of about 8 x 10. These cameras are best suited for those of you seeking greater creative control than in the point and shoot model. Of-course, due to increased flexibility, semi professional models are priced much higher than their point and shoot counterparts.

Digital SLRs

nikond70sDigital SLRs are quite expensive, including their lenses, which could cost a few thousand dollars, mainly for their zoom lenses and ultra-wide angle. Digital SLR cameras are high-end cameras typically used by professionals.

Difference Between Point And Shoot Vs. Digital Slrs

Surprisingly, some features in the point and shoot digital cameras appear to be missing in the digital SLRs. Like for instance, the LCD preview. Though the digital SLRs provide the option of viewing a picture after it is taken, it is impossible to use a LCD preview. Instead, digital SLR camera uses a reflex mirror which permits optical viewing directly through the lens. They have sensors with a width vs. height ratio of 3:2 and the point and shoot cameras have a width to height ratio of 4:3. Another difference is the lag time. Digital SLRs have a CMOS or CCD sensor added to a traditional film SLR body, due to which, the mechanical shutter keeps the sensor exposed instead of film. Hence when the shutter button is pressed, a picture is taken instantly.

Model Babies Wanted by Baby Modeling Agencies

Have you ever been approached by a stranger to say that you have a beautiful baby? Did somebody ever tell you that your baby could be a model? If your baby has the looks, perhaps it is time to consider having your baby audition for a commercial. Your baby may be what baby modeling agencies need in their next TV commercial or print advertisement.


Before turning your baby into a model find out first the basics about baby modeling – what are the things involved, who are the people to ask, what are the first steps, and how will it affect the future of the baby? After some diligent research and thoughtful considerations of many issues affecting your baby, it is time to decide. If you come to the decision that indeed many people can fall in love with your baby’s sweet smile and it is something good for the baby, it is now time to find one of the best baby modeling agencies to handle your baby’s young career. Continue reading Model Babies Wanted by Baby Modeling Agencies

The Wireless Digital Camera – No Strings Attached

With the advent of the wireless digital camera, it seems that miracles never cease to happen. There are numerous advantages of using such a digital camera.  A few of the many benefits of a wireless digital have been enumerated below.

The Conveniences

The wireless digital camera is an out of the world experience for gizmo lovers. These cameras use wireless media which allows a user to download pictures and other digital media content directly to the computer at speeds of 480Mbps or more. This is done by using wi-media based Ultra wideband technology or UWB. This is up to 90 times faster than wi-fi enabled cameras. This technology will also be available in the mobile phones which have the next generation blue tooth. This will facilitate the sharing of pictures and media articles directly from the phone.

The Advantages Of UWB

The CEO of Artimi, Colin Macnab has said that customers will not have to plug in and wait for even 10 minutes to download their material from the digital cameras. These next generation cameras will allow customers to share their photos more easily than ever before. In this way Artimi provides customers with ultra simple solutions that is a must need for portable devices such as the wireless digital camera .


There are various uses of the Artimis semiconductor and software. They have been used in the market to form the leading digital camera in the still section. Their software is also compatible with various other portable devices other than the digital camera that are available in the market. They allow maximum flexibility in their design and pave the way for manufacturers to design more consumer friendly and easy to use products.


In comparison to the phone cameras the Artimis products score much better. Their image quality is different depending on variables between 34kb (for low quality pictures settings) and 700 Kb (for better quality picture settings). They are also capable of recording movies of a silent nature. There is a built in flash and the Eye Q go version is also equipped with three white balance options as well as automatic settings.

All in all, the wireless digital camera is a better experience than a phone camera and compares favorably to the standard digital camera as well. It is a user friendly experience and can be very satisfying for people who look for speed in their work.

How the Camera Battery Should Help Determine What Camera You Pick

When buying a digital camera you need to know not only about the camera, but the camera battery. The camera won’t be any good unless it has a camera battery to power it. Before you buy any camera (or buy one as a gift), be sure you know all about the camera battery.

What Kind Of Batteries Does The Camera Take?

camera batteriesYou need to know what kind of camera batteries any camera takes. Does the camera take a brand-specific camera battery or does it take a general size of battery? For example, a lot of traditional automatic cameras run on AA or AAA batteries. They only need that size. They don’t need a specific brand. These kinds also can be disposable or rechargeable. These batteries are also incredibly common and are sold just about everywhere.

How Easy Is It To Find More Batteries?

Even though your camera might not be brand specific, you still need to take in mind how easy it will be to get replacement camera batteries. You might have to go to specific electronic stores if the camera battery size is rare of unusual. If this doesn’t bother you, then keep in mind whenever you go on a vacation, you need to bring spare camera batteries in case the stores where you are don’t carry your camera’s size.

How Expensive Are The Batteries?

Sometimes the camera battery costs more than a camera is worth. Keep in mind how often you are going to use this camera. The more use means more battery changes. You could opt for rechargeable batteries – but not all sizes of camera batteries will recharge. Most li-ion (lithium-ion) will, though. If you don’t use your camera all that much, then perhaps the camera battery cost will be a moot issue. You will always ask them as a birthday gift.

How Heavy Are the Batteries?

If you plan on doing a lot of travel or on location shooting, a heavy camera battery is a definite minus. You need as light a battery as possible. If you only plan on using the camera around your home or on special occasions and don’t need to pack and unpack it, then you don’t need to worry about how heavy it is.

How Long Can The Camera Go On One Set Of Batteries?

You never really seem to get an answer as to how long a camera lasts on one battery until you actually use it. For this reason, always see if you can get a warranty on your camera.

Digital Camera Lens Adapters Bring The World Into Focus


Now that photographers and consumers have gotten over the honeymoon period of digital camera and movie cameras, art is starting to become into the digital camera picture. The first digital cameras took, quite frankly, crap pictures. The results often looked like Polaroid instant cameras – neat, adequate in everyday use, but often the subjects were small, flat and blended into the background. Although for some people, having any kind of picture is better than nothing, but now we don’t have to settle for poor pictures or nothing. We have entered the age of digital camera lens adapters.

How Do They Work?

Digital camera lens adapters work very much like traditional film camera lens adapters. They fit onto the main camera lens and let other lenses be snapped or screwed on. Digital camera lens adapters work like an electrical socket adapter – you stick that in the socket and then stick the electrical cord of what ever gadget into the adapter. With the digital camera lens adapters, you can shoot better pictures, full of detail and complex compositions. You can attach zoom lenses or panoramic lenses for full landscape shots.

Where To Find Them

First off, you need to know what brand and model your digital camera is. If you’ve lost the instructions, the brand and model number should be right on the camera itself somewhere. Then, knowing the brand and model, you can find the digital camera lens adapter(s) that fit it. If you have a digital camera over five years old, chances are you might not be able to find an adapter for it.

Although not all digital cameras will adapt to adapters, quite a lot of them will, especially ones made from 2002 onwards. Armed with your knowledge of what brand and model digital camera you have, you can them visit a camera or electronics store or an online camera or electronics store. Most of them will have conversion tables, listing what adapters fit what cameras. If they don’t, find another store. You can’t afford to buy just any old digital camera lens adapter.

If you know what adapter you need, you can either buy them at the store or at an online auction site like eBay. EBay is always just a little bit risky, but not if you use common sense and a lot of patience. A lot of the bugs have been worked out of eBay over the years. Never buy from a seller that only lets you pay in a wire transfer, cash or cashier’s check. If possible, ask the seller questions about the camera lens adapter before you bid on it. Reputable online auction sellers will be happy to answer any and all questions about their auctions.

Modeling 101: The Basics of Model Casting

model castingOne of the best ways to enter the world of fashion and modeling is by going to model castings. A model casting allows you to expand your horizon by meeting other models, managers and a number of influential people. However no matter how many people you meet, you won’t get anywhere if you are a big flop. Here are some tips to help you shine in a model casting.

The first thing that you remember is that when a casting call is announced; always arrive on the venue on time. If you can manage it, go there one hour before the casting call. This way, you get to prepare yourself physically and emotionally.  Always remember that model castings are not just grounded on the models’ looks but also their personality.  Also, being there earlier allows you to talk to other people that are already there such as the models and the organizers.

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Digital Camera – A Brief Introduction

conventional cameraMany happy memories and auspicious occasions get immortalized through photographs and hence they are much treasured by one and all. Though cameras have been used since long, conventional cameras have the draw-back of having to be replaced with a new film, once the roll runs out. This could pose a problem, especially to people on the move.  Hence the Digital Camera has emerged as the best feasible solution for all.


A Digital Camera  can be described as an electronic device that helps in capturing and storing photographs electronically, rather than doing so with the help of a photographic film as in the case of conventional cameras.

The digital sensor captures the light and the LCD located on the back of the digital camera acts as a screen guide adjusting the settings prior to shooting and in reviewing the results. Today’s digital cameras are multi-functional with additional capabilities such as recording sound and/or video.


Though digital cameras seem like a recent introduction, the first digital camera had reached the U.S. market about fifteen years ago, and had been released by Kodak. The DCS-100 had 1.3 megapixels (a million pixels), the graphical resolution required by the digital cameras for data display. Fifteen years since, technological advancement has increased the number of megapixels even for entry-level digital cameras. But the prices of digital cameras are now far more reasonable.


The biggest advantage of a digital camera is that, unlike conventional cameras, the storage media could be re-used over and over again without any additional cost. Also, any unwanted pictures could be deleted immediately and more photographs could be taken. The process of making photos is quick and inexpensive due to the fact that there is no film processing required for obtaining prints.

A Digital Camera could be used for taking photographs that could be displayed on the internet, or could be sent as an email, or by uploading to online galleries such as Flicker or Facebook. High quality images could be obtained in a digital camera, when compared to a conventional camera. A digital camera has high storage capability, and helps users to view photos on a number of outlets such as web pages, computer monitor, or even on a paper after developing them on printers. Even DVD players, cell phones, television sets and entertainment gaming systems have the capability to read and display the digital images.

A Look At The Different Types Of Photography

city sceneMost of us don’t know the various types of photography there are. We all love clicking away with our cameras to capture the perfect moments, be it our baby’s first smile or our parents’ golden wedding anniversary. And we all love to cherish our photographs by putting them into albums or in frames to show all our friends. This is what I would call recreational photography, not really a hobby and definitely not a profession. There are many types of photography these days that professionals and amateurs specialize in. I could probably fit in just a few to let you know exactly how vast the field of photography has become today. Continue reading A Look At The Different Types Of Photography

Modeling 101: Modeling Scams You Must Be Aware Of

All people have that hidden desire to become a model or a supermodel. Some are willing to give up everything and give anything to have a shot at becoming a model. This is the reason why there are a lot of people who were able to make a living out of creating modeling scams. This is why if you want to start a modeling career, you have to make sure that you stay clear of these modeling scams.

fashion model

Here are the things that you need to remember to do in order to avoid the scams.

If the modeling agency is asking for a ridiculous amount of money which they claim is needed in order for them to jump start your modeling career, just walk away. You are the job seeker. You don’t have to spend money in order to earn money.  Also, remember that these people have their way of getting into people’s heads so that they will be persuaded to pay. This is why if they are asking for money, they are definitely modeling scams and the best thing to do is walk away without talking to them.

Even established models get scammed which is why you should never think that you will never get scammed. That is how people get scammed in the first place. When going to an agency or a casting, get your head in the game. Don’t assume the best in people and in yourself. Always be open to the possibility of a modeling scam.

If the agency or the organizers cannot name the designer, label or even the company that they work for, don’t even consider taking a single photo with them. Modeling scams are not just about agencies that are asking for money. It is also about people who book models for pornographic projects without immediately informing them. This is why you should never sign anything not unless you are completely sure that everything is legitimate.

There is also a lot of modeling school scams. Some people offer fake modeling courses and charge money inappropriately. This is why when it comes to modeling scams, you should keep an open ear and an open mind all the time.