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The Art of Digital Infrared Photography

infrared photographyHave you ever thought about what it would be like to see the sun’s invisible rays? Did you even know it was possible? You can indeed see the invisible colors of the spectrum through the use of your digital camera. Things you have never seen before will leave you simply breath taken. Many people don’t know just how unique it is to see things we normally don’t have the option of seeing. People either like digital infrared photography or they don’t. Those that do have an infatuation with it, can’t seem get enough of it.

Invisible Lighting Becomes Apparent

You can look at a picture of a tree by a lake with normal photography. Sure, it looks beautiful, but it’s not anything you haven’t seen before. Then you add the invisible lighting we normally never see, and your picture of the tree by the lake becomes intriguing. You wouldn’t believe the differences in the color of the spectrum when you can see this invisible light. With digital infrared photography, you can look at these differences to your hearts content, and if you’re like me, you’ll want to keep taking pictures like this, and put aside your normal photos.

infrared photography

You can add some fun to your digital camera, and it can be cheap to put an IR filter on. When you look at everything through your LCD screen, you will hardly be able to recognize what some of it is. There are many physical phenomena behind the differences that are seen. The colors that were once invisible are now mixing with the colors we can already see. One thing is for sure, digital infrared photography is certainly very interesting. This is the form of photography that either no one wants or they become extremely addicted to.

Look at a New World around You

Additionally, if you have never experienced digital infrared photography, you should at least try it. There is a growing trend among photographers, who seem to enjoy the vast array of colors available when using an IR filter. When you take a normal image, and mix it with the invisible colors, it adds an entirely new dimension to what you are looking at. You have a new perspective of what is really out there, and can now see what you have been told you could never see. This is something that is truly priceless.

Start doing your own digital infrared photography today and give yourself the pleasure of the stunning visuals that you are missing out on.