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Digital Camera – A Brief Introduction

conventional cameraMany happy memories and auspicious occasions get immortalized through photographs and hence they are much treasured by one and all. Though cameras have been used since long, conventional cameras have the draw-back of having to be replaced with a new film, once the roll runs out. This could pose a problem, especially to people on the move.  Hence the Digital Camera has emerged as the best feasible solution for all.


A Digital Camera  can be described as an electronic device that helps in capturing and storing photographs electronically, rather than doing so with the help of a photographic film as in the case of conventional cameras.

The digital sensor captures the light and the LCD located on the back of the digital camera acts as a screen guide adjusting the settings prior to shooting and in reviewing the results. Today’s digital cameras are multi-functional with additional capabilities such as recording sound and/or video.


Though digital cameras seem like a recent introduction, the first digital camera had reached the U.S. market about fifteen years ago, and had been released by Kodak. The DCS-100 had 1.3 megapixels (a million pixels), the graphical resolution required by the digital cameras for data display. Fifteen years since, technological advancement has increased the number of megapixels even for entry-level digital cameras. But the prices of digital cameras are now far more reasonable.


The biggest advantage of a digital camera is that, unlike conventional cameras, the storage media could be re-used over and over again without any additional cost. Also, any unwanted pictures could be deleted immediately and more photographs could be taken. The process of making photos is quick and inexpensive due to the fact that there is no film processing required for obtaining prints.

A Digital Camera could be used for taking photographs that could be displayed on the internet, or could be sent as an email, or by uploading to online galleries such as Flicker or Facebook. High quality images could be obtained in a digital camera, when compared to a conventional camera. A digital camera has high storage capability, and helps users to view photos on a number of outlets such as web pages, computer monitor, or even on a paper after developing them on printers. Even DVD players, cell phones, television sets and entertainment gaming systems have the capability to read and display the digital images.

Beginners Digital Photography Equipment Guide

When you first start with digital photography make sure  you have the right equipment you’ll need before you begin. Having the proper equipment is a must if you want to make it successfully whether you are a beginner or a professional.

digital cameraIf you become a professional with your digital photography then you should be prepared to spend much more on equipment than just someone wanting to do this as a hobby. Depending on what you want to do with your photography is all up to you as to how much equipment you’re going to be looking into purchasing.  A professional career in digital photography may not be what you’re looking to do if you don’t have the money for the kinds of things that you will have to have.

So, if you are just wanting to enjoy digital photography as a hobby then I should be able to help you out in letting you know what you might need for your digital camera, accessories and all.

For your first digital camera the main thing is to not spend too much on it. There is no need in purchasing an expensive digital camera until later on down the road when you become much more experienced with it. With some digital cameras you may be able to even use them as a manual camera. You will just have to figure out how to adjust all of it’s settings. You can purchase a book for dummies on digital photography too, those are always handy to have around. They have them for nearly everything you need to know. Also,  keep in mind that having the proper software for your digital camera is very important, it will help you organize all of the images you have created.

Buy the camera that you feel best suits your needs and remember you only need a basic one for beginners. They will come with all of the features you will need just to get started and with this camera you will still be able to take really great photographs.

You will want to purchase a bag or case to keep your digital camera safe and all or any accessories that you may have purchased as well while on the go.

Spending more does not always mean that you’re purchasing the better product. If there is not a photographic equipment store in your city then you can just get online and look up anything you might be interested in purchasing. You will be able to find some really great deals on the internet if you’re wanting to save a little cash, who doesn’t want to do that? Or just ask around, you may have a friend that can help you out with your first time purchasing needs. If there is a local store you can go in to purchase a digital camera and there will be someone in there that can help you with any questions you may have about the product.

Digital Spy Cameras – A Blessing Or A Curse?

Digital cameraThe digital spy camera is not new to us in this age of sting operations carried out by the media. But that is not the only positive point about the digital spy camera. To know where else its demand lies – read on.

Reasons For Its Growth In Popularity

The main reason for the growth in popularity of the digital spy cameras is the decrease in demand of large and bulky cameras. These are cumbersome and no longer desirable by the image conscious customer. Since the analog cameras are not considered as user friendly as they used to be the digital camera has taken over. This accounts for the rapid growth in the demand for digital spy cameras.

Features To Look For While Buying The Spy Camera

The main features to look for while buying a digital spy camera is its image quality, its sensibility to low light, its transmission frequency, its battery life, digital zoom possibilities and the screen.

Image Quality

The determinant of image quality is the resolution of the camera. The higher the resolution better will be the quality of the image in the digital zoom camera. This aspect should be pre determined while buying such a digital spy camera.

Sensibility To Light

Since digital spy cameras are meant to be used mostly as hidden cameras it is important to see that they can function even under dismal light conditions. They are mostly used discreetly and need to provide clarity in those conditions as well.

Battery Life

Like most cameras, digital spy cameras can be very battery consuming, especially if they are equipped with a LCD screen. Since they are used mostly for the purpose of discretion it is important that the battery last longer and provide more time to film.


Since these cameras cannot be handled at length under scrutiny, they need to have zooming properties that will stand them in good stead even under trying sessions. It is always better to have a digital spy camera with optical zoom as opposed to digital zoom.

Earlier Experience

While buying such a camera the customer’s earlier experiences will come into account and prove to be crucial as a part of his demand. A person will decide from his past exposure to the digital spy camera whether he wants one with a LCD screen or one with recording capabilities. This is the most important determinant in the purchase of the digital spy camera, since there are thousand such cameras in the market.

Digital Cameras Or Film Cameras – Which Of The Two Are Best?

Comparing digital cameras with film cameras, and deciding on which of the two is better, is pretty much a moot choice today. Have you tried to buy film for a camera lately? Pretty difficult. I think in today’s digital world, digital cameras are here to stay – whether good or bad. This article peeks into merits and demerits of both.

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Why Choose Digital Photography?

Long gone are the days of carrying around camera bags stuffed with extra rolls of film and lenses as long as your arm. Also gone are the days, thankfully, of worrying about whether or not the film’s really rewound before you risk opening the camera case in sunlight! Digital photography strips the pain out of photography in several ways: No film means no mess and less expense.

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