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The Ins and Outs of Print Modeling

print modelingPrint modeling is the world where photographic images are used for commercial information. It belongs to the diverse field of commercial modeling where the job is performed by models who become the subject of print ads to promote certain products and services. These ads are what people see on product catalogues, billboards, magazines, food packaging, brochures, and others, which sell practically everything from real estate to fertilizers.

The different forms of modeling in print include advertising, promotional, fashion, and glamour. Just like the world they are working in, print models are diverse in shapes and sizes.  Appearance dictates what type of model is to be chosen to endorse a certain product or service. For example, tall and skinny girls can be fashion models while people of average look are ideal models in advertising.  Competition is intense because anybody, plain or stunningly attractive, can pose for commercial provided the model has that interesting appearance.

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Modeling 101: The Basics of Model Casting

model castingOne of the best ways to enter the world of fashion and modeling is by going to model castings. A model casting allows you to expand your horizon by meeting other models, managers and a number of influential people. However no matter how many people you meet, you won’t get anywhere if you are a big flop. Here are some tips to help you shine in a model casting.

The first thing that you remember is that when a casting call is announced; always arrive on the venue on time. If you can manage it, go there one hour before the casting call. This way, you get to prepare yourself physically and emotionally.  Always remember that model castings are not just grounded on the models’ looks but also their personality.  Also, being there earlier allows you to talk to other people that are already there such as the models and the organizers.

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Finding the Right Fit through Model Casting

fashion modelYou see them everywhere, on billboards and on runways. These live mannequins are used to make our heads turn, or linger in the pages of magazines, and entice us to buy. These men and women go through model casting to land jobs as talents for print ads and fashion shows. They are handpicked to be the perfect representation of the brand to make it more appealing to the consumers. It really takes more than just a pretty face.

The Look

Model casting is the process where a brand or a designer chooses talents to represent their vision properly. The models that land in print and walk the runways are specifically chosen for the job. These models are part of an equation for an ad campaign to be effective, which is why model casting is necessary.

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